In the Shadow of the Incident

In the Shadow of the Incident is a free digital zine about Larry Butz (aka Laurice Deauxnim) from Ace Attorney!

This will be a 100% safe for work zine featuring both art and writing.
The goal of this zine is to explore the character of Larry/Laurice, as well as his relationships with other characters from the series; no ships will be allowed.

Current status: Creation period


AnnouncementDecember 5, 2021
Interest checkDecember 8 → January 9, 2022
Contributor applicationsJanuary 13 → February 16
Mails sent to applicantsFebruary 20
Accept position beforeFebruary 27
Creation periodFebruary 20 → July 3
Pitches dueMarch 6
Check-in #1March 27
Check-in #2May 1
Check-in #3June 5
Final pieces dueJuly 3
ReleaseAugust 8, 2022 (also known as “Larry Day” in the Japanese fandom!)

This is a tentative schedule. Dates are subject to change.


Contribution guidelines

  • Contributions have to feature Larry/Laurice as their main character. Additional characters (Phoenix, Miles, Elise, Pearl, Maya, etc.) are of course allowed, as long as they don't overshadow him.

  • Larry/Laurice can be depicted as any age, from his Class Trial self to his Spirit of Justice self. Writers are allowed to call him either Larry or Laurice in fics.

  • This zine is safe for work; NSFW/suggestive content and gore/extreme violence are strictly forbidden.

  • This zine aims to be enjoyable to a broad audience; as such, we cannot allow romantic ships or heavily canon-divergent content.

Contribution & zine specs

  • Artists will be asked to draw (at least) one finished illustration or comic. A background isn't required, but the piece has to be polished: no doodles or sketches. Pieces have to fit the size of the zine (A5 portrait for single pages, A4 landscape for spreads).

  • Writers will be asked to write (at least) one fic between around 1,000 and 4,000 words.

  • Contributors will be allowed to submit several contributions if they want to and can make it fit into their schedule.

  • We won't claim exclusivity on the created pieces; contributors will be allowed to post their pieces individually on their personal accounts as soon as the zine is released (but not before, save for previews), sell prints of them, etc.

Application & portfolio specs

  • Writers must send 2 pieces of writing (or excerpts from longer works) in their application. Ace Attorney fics are preferred but not mandatory.

  • Artists must send 3 pieces of humanoid art in their application; Ace Attorney fanart is appreciated but not mandatory.

  • For both positions, the level of finish of the portfolio pieces must be close to what the applicants plan to do for their zine piece.

  • Applicants can also send a link to a portfolio or art/writing account as an add-on so the mods can get a better overview of their work.

  • Applicants might be accepted in both positions if they want to.

  • During the creation period, mods will communicate with the contributors through a Discord server; we require all applicants to have a Discord account or be willing to create one.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines and specs, feel free to contact us! Our Tumblr allows anonymous asks.



Organization, social media, formatting & art mod

Hi, I'm Fülli! I'm an artist and an Ace Attorney fan with a soft spot for the cast of the original Trilogy and the Investigations games. This of course includes Laurice!
I organized Wishes, Curses and Dreams: A Fairy Tale Mini-Zine and Edgeworth Family Week, and took part in several Ace Attorney fandom events as an artist.


Organization & writing mod

Hi, I'm Moonie! I'm an artist and writer as well as a huge Ace Attorney fan! I'm very attached to the cast of the original Trilogy and the Investigations games, with Laurice being one of my comfort characters!
I already organized Edgeworth Family Week with Fülli, and had been writing and sharing my work for a decade now!